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March 19 2023

Today was the most unbelievably tragic day.
Our much loved brilliant bass player, Stewart, died suddenly at his home. Mark was there at the time. Stewart was the most 
incredible musician and his style and flair was bringing the tracks to life.

Sadly we have only one completed song - Circles but we know Stewart would want us to continue and we will do.
In his honour.

March 2023 - Some exciting news coming soon

We’re almost ready to get cracking and let people finally hear what we've been up to. Most exciting!

Feb 2023 - recording is two thirds complete

We’ve now recorded all the parts for most of the songs with John and Stewart adding their guitar parts. The addition of the guitars has made us rethink a few of the other parts so keyboards and drums have been revisited.


The completed songs are being mixed with a view to relaxing some material in the Spring!!

the demos are done, now for the real thing

It's taken a while, we know, but the writing is finished, the pre-production demos are complete – so now the tracking starts for the album proper.


There's still loads to do but we really do hope you'll stick with us, we think it will be worth the  wait.

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